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  • By Devang Sachdev
    Empieza a utilizar Twilio Flex en tan solo unos minutos Empieza a utilizar Twilio Flex en 5 minutos

    ¿Tienes curiosidad sobre Twilio Flex, pero no estás seguro de cómo comenzar a utilizarlo? ¿Quieres saber qué es exactamente una plataforma de aplicaciones para centros de contacto?

    A continuación, te ofrecemos una breve descripción de Twilio Flex y de cómo iniciar tu centro de contacto en cuestión de minutos.

    ¿Qué es Twilio Flex?

    Flex es una plataforma de centro de contacto totalmente programable que te permite iniciar un centro de contacto en la nube al instante. A diferencia de otras soluciones basadas en la nube, puedes personalizar completamente las capas de pila con la API RESTful y los componentes UI de React.js.

    Hemos diseñado Flex para que se ejecute sobre la infraestructura fiable y segura de la Super Network de Twilio, para que puedas escalar de forma elástica a miles de agentes en la nube.

    Programabilidad de Flex

    ¿Quieres probar Flex de forma gratuita?

    Haz clic aquí para crear una cuenta …

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  • By Devang Sachdev
    Get Started with Twilio Flex in Minutes Get Started with Twilio Flex in Minutes

    Curious about Twilio Flex but not sure how to get started? Want to know what a contact center application platform is, exactly?

    Here’s a quick primer on Twilio Flex and how to launch your contact center in minutes.

    What is Twilio Flex?

    Flex is a fully programmable contact center platform that enables you to launch a contact center in the cloud instantly. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, you can completely customize any layer of the stack using RESTful APIs and React.js UI components.

    We designed Flex to run on top of Twilio's reliable and secure Super Network infrastructure, so it can scale elastically to thousands of agents in the cloud.

    Flex Programmability

    Want to try Flex for yourself for free?

    Click here to create your free Flex account. When you sign up for Flex, you get 5,000 free active user hours that you can use to experiment or build a proof of concept. …

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  • By Devang Sachdev
    Introducing Twilio SMS on Toll-Free Numbers Twilio_Website_Blog_Toll-Free-SMS

    Toll-free numbers have gotten a bad rap when it comes to customer experience. No customer wants to navigate complicated IVRs, stay on hold for ages, or repeat the same information over and over. Today, we are introducing SMS enabled toll-free numbers to streamline customer support and give your customers a new way to reach out.

    Unlock Toll-free Numbers To Text

    Toll-free SMS helps businesses simplify and scale interactions with mobile users.

    Now your customers can get real-time support on the go, easily and efficiently via SMS. Instead of being glued to a computer, or downloading an app just to chat with a support agent, your customers can get the right information from anywhere with SMS.

    Starting today, all new and existing Twilio toll-free numbers are equipped with messaging and voice capabilities. You can add SMS capability to your own toll-free number, without moving your voice service to Twilio, by hosting* …

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  • By Devang Sachdev
    Introducing Message Delivery Information: Helping You Track And Deliver More Messages With Twilio Twilio_Blog_Message-Delivery-Info_2x-1

    Crafting the right message is one part of the picture when you’re communicating with customers. You need to make sure your message is delivered to your customers. Today we’re introducing Message Delivery Information, allowing you to track delivery status for each SMS and MMS message you send, in real time.

    Message Delivery Information gives you the data you need to improve delivery rates and reach a higher percentage of your customers. Using this new tool, you’ll see critical details for each message you send. If the message is sent successfully, you’ll see a confirmation. If the message wasn’t delivered successfully, you’ll see an explanation. For example, if your message violated carrier guidelines, or you sent a text to a landline, it will be indicated in Message Delivery Information.

    Deeper Insight Into Mission-Critical Messages

    SMS is an essential communication channel for companies like CarGurus, Uber and eBay. They use …

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  • By Devang Sachdev
    Growing In Europe: Announcing Lower Prices, More Coverage And Wider Access In Europe twiliolowerseuropeanprices

    The right message can open doors–literally. European based companies use Twilio to help their customers do anything from opening a door via text message, to finding the right medical care, to getting a quality loan. Since entering the European market two and a half years ago, we saw exponential growth.

    Last year, Twilio Voice traffic grew 300% thanks to the companies building with Twilio. With this higher traffic, we’re able to hit a higher economy of scale and reduce our pricing. Today we’re happy to announce lower pricing for calls in 5 European countries, new SMS enabled numbers in Ireland, and Safe Harbor Compliance.

    Same High Quality, New Lower Prices In Europe

    Two of our core value …

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