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  • By Emily Shenfield
    Deploy a Word Game in 5 Minutes with Twilio Functions Deploy a Word Game in 5 Minutes with Twilio Functions

    If the number of virtual social gatherings you attend regularly has increased over the past few months, you may have found yourself awkwardly ending a call when all the attendees have run out of things to talk about, or playing the same virtual party game more times than you can count, or perhaps like me you’ve just resorted to reading memes out loud to your friends. If you’re looking to inject more creativity and conversation into your calls, follow along in this post to add a new twist on an old word game to your “Virtual Happy Hour Survival Kit”. Fictionary and this SMS version, BalderText, challenge players to write convincing definitions for uncommon English words to try and trick other players.

    Using Twilio Programmable SMS and Twilio Functions, this post will guide you through deploying and getting ready to play a game of BalderText in under five minutes.

    Requirements …

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