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  • By Lindsey Weinig
    Identify Anonymous Opens With Apple Machine Open Indicator Open Email Indicator

    This post originally appeared on the Twilio SendGrid blog.

    Email senders have come to rely on the value of rich tracking available when communicating via email, especially recipient open tracking. Senders then use open data to optimize their customer experiences. For example, personalizing with branching automations, changing sending patterns with thoughtful sunset policies, and measuring the engagement and ultimately the success of campaigns and notifications.

    Now, however, the reliability of open tracking is at risk. The launch of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) and increased adoption over the last 3 weeks has caused the email industry as a whole to experience inflation in anonymous open activity.

    MPP prompts Apple Mail application users on the newest operating system to enhance their security by anonymizing their open engagement activity.

    As a result, senders, regardless of their email service provider, are seeing an increase in random open events triggered by Apple machines …

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  • By Lindsey Weinig
    Capture Quality Email Addresses to Optimize Your Sending With Our New Email Validation API sendgrid-email-validation-api.png

    This post first appeared on the Twilio SendGrid blog.

    As summer winds down, we all begin to focus on the upcoming busy email sending season and Black Friday email campaigns. So now is a great time to address your email bounce rate. If your bounce rate inches close to or above 5%, this signals to mailbox providers that you may not be keeping your email list clean and full of valid email addresses. Without a stellar reputation with mailbox providers and fully optimized inbox placement, you put your Q4 email conversion goals or end-of-year usage and engagement expectations at risk.

    Lucky for you, Twilio SendGrid’s Email Validation API launched in beta at Twilio Signal and is now publicly available with generous monthly allotments for Pro and Premier Email API plans.

    Integrate efficiently

    Our Email Validation API is flexible so that you can integrate it to surface possible …

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