Build an Office Phone Manager with Django, Heroku and Twilio

A common desire that I often hear from office managers is the need to replace their entire office phone stack with a collection of “work” phone numbers that they can program to call employee’s personal or work phones. This would remove their need to invest in at-desk phone hardware and get tied into long term contracts. They also want to be able to easily change what… Read More

Build your own Pokédex with Django, MMS and PokéAPI


Remember the Pokédex from Pokémon? It was the hand-held, all-knowing super machine that was invaluable to any Pokémon trainer trying to Catch ‘Em All in the late 90’s and early 00’s. With it’s encyclopedic knowledge of Pokémon, the Pokédex was the tool you whipped out of your pocket whenever you wanted to learn about a new Pokémon you had discovered in the games, the television series,… Read More

Adding MMS Support To The Rapid Response Kit


Communication is a huge part of our lives and it is never more important than during times of need. When something bad happens or you need to make an important change in your life, communication is the medium with which you begin that process. We developed Rapid Response Kit to facilitate that communication during those times by providing a set of tools that could be downloaded… Read More

Monitor your Twilio applications with SMS alerts using the Twilio App Monitor, Python and webhooks.


When you are using Twilio to power communications in your business or your software applications, you want to know what is going on all the time, especially if things go wrong. There are plenty of tools in the Twilio cloud to help you dissect these errors and figure out what went wrong. One particularly useful tool is the Twilio App Monitor. The App Monitor will log… Read More

Upgrading Your Django Reusable App To Support Django 1.7


Anyone who knows me will know that Django is my favourite web framework. On the second of September 2014, Django 1.7 was finally released to the public after a much anticipated wait. Some of the new features coming out in 1.7 include App Loading refactoring, custom Queryset methods and a bunch of minor updates to make Django development smoother than it has ever been before. However,… Read More

Creating a Click to Call Service with Twilio Client, Pusher and Python


Let’s be honest: traditional call centers have a terrible user experience. You see something interesting on a website that you want more information about. Email takes too long, so that option is out of the question. What do you do? You search for a phone number (hidden in their contact page at the bottom in tiny text), place a phone call, give away all your details,… Read More

Building a Simple SMS Message Application with Twilio and Django

Django is often referred to as a “batteries included” Python web framework due to the many features that come with it out-of-the-box. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for developers who want to build web applications in Python. Django is my personal choice when developing web apps as I love the huge collection of contributed libraries and the great community developing the software. When I… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Paul Hallett


I’ve always had a fascination with how things work. One of my earliest memories I have is sitting on my grandfather’s lap staring with pure fascination into the black and white MS-DOS screen as he wrote a simple application in an attempt to predict numbers in the lottery. At eight my Mother asked “What do you want for your birthday Paul?”. “A padlock!” I replied. The… Read More