New Contest Category: Twilio for Salesforce, with Appirio

November 02, 2009
Written by
Danielle Morrill
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How can you help your customers streamline their business processes,
convert leads, and take their company to the next level using Twilio plus Salesforce?  For the next two weeks (#24 and #25 of the contest, for those keeping track), we’ve teamed up with Salesforce and Appirio for what promises to be one of our most exciting developer challenges yet – the chance to win a Netbook building a Twilio app integrated with Salesforce.

With the help of Kyle Roche and Aslam Bari from Appirio, Twilio is now available for development on the, the Salesforce development platform.  The Appirio team has implemented the Twilio API in APEX, which is the backend language, so get ready to build scalable reliable voice and communications apps on the leading platform for business apps and website.

We are incredibly grateful for this huge contribution to the Twilio developer community, and excited to see what will be built in the coming weeks and beyond.  The deadline for contest submissions is 11:59pm on November 19th, and we will announce the winner on November 20th at Dreamforce – the Salesforce developer event of the year.

New to Salesforce Development?

We’ll be posting tips, tricks, sample code and more in the coming weeks so stay tuned! for Twilio on Salesforce Code Share

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