New Developer Contest: Twilio + DotCloud

July 18, 2011
Written by
Rahim Sonawalla
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For this week’s developer contest, we’ve partnered with our friends at DotCloud. Unlike most PaaS providers that are centered around a single language (Orchestra for PHP, AppHarbor for .NET, and so on), DotCloud, let’s you easily build your own, custom stack. For example, you could be running a classic PHP/MySQL setup and with just a few edits of a config file, swap out MySQL for MongoDB.

This week, create a Twilio application hosted on the fantastically flexible DotCloud platform, and you could win:
  • $100 in Twilio credit
  • A Pro DotCloud account
  • An insanely awesome Arduino Gadget Pack
  • Swag from both Twilio and DotCloud

Bonus points for putting together helpful materials (screencasts, blog posts, etc.) that demonstrate the value of what you’ve built, or explain how it could become a business someday.

Learn more and submit your contest entry…