New Twilio Developer Contest: Anything Goes, With a Twist! (Ends Sunday 10/17)

October 11, 2010
Written by
John Sheehan
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This week’s contest category is another ‘Anything Goes’, but this time with a twist. Build anything you want with Twilio and you can enter it into this week’s contest. However, we spend a lot of time talking about Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and .NET. But there are so many more languages and frameworks out there we wanted to dedicate a week to everything else. So while you can submit any app you’d like, the voting will heavily favor the use of a less mainstream language or framework.

We want to see what kind of apps you can build using Twilio with Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Boo, Lisp, Arc, Eiffel, F#, Go, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, R, Scheme, Smalltalk, Pascal, COBOL or Assembly. Not on this list? Use it anyway! The more obscure the better. Have you written your own language? Perfect! Let’s see it in action.

The winner will receive $100 in Twilio credit and a $250 Amazon gift card. If you’ve previously submitted an entry and didn’t win, you’re eligible to enter again. The deadline for submissions is Sunday October 17th at 11:59pm PT and entries can be submitted by filling out this form.

Photo by mandaloo