John Tegen Brings OnSite Clarity in Adobe Flex and PHP [Netbook Winner Week #12]

August 10, 2009
Written by
Danielle Morrill
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Congratulations to John Tegen, winner of Week #12 of the Twilio developer contest with his sales management application, OnSite Clarity.

OnSite Clarity is a new product, but the company has been around for over 6 years.  OnSite Clarity is their latest major product, while OnSite Connex (homebuilder CRM application) is their current application, which has received industry awards.

As John says in his submission:

“OnSite Clarity is a sales management application available in the fall of 2009.  It is a fully Adobe Flex based application following the SaaS sales model.  Twilio is fully integrated into the application to manage outbound (click to call), inbound (call routing), voice mail and call management.

Twilio seamlessly integrates into a sales person day to day activities including do-no-disturb, call events (call multiple calls simultaneously), customized call tree routing and much more.  Call notification and status is done in real-time, so changes to the call is automatically pushed to the client application.  The Twilio interface is all done in PHP.

Judging this time around was tough because we had several
re-submissions of previous apps that have been updated or translated
from another language to PHP, and many new and innovation uses for
Twilio that we’ll be blogging about in the coming weeks.

New Category: Twilio & the .NET Framework

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the .NET Framework, Microsoft’s software development platform that runs on the Windows operating system.

The number of .NET developers is staggering, and whether you’ve familiar with the framework or will be exploring for the first time for this contest, you’ll find a powerful option for building software.  Twilio itself is language agnostic, so we’re excited to reach out to a developer community that is as diverse as our own when it comes to languages used.

If you’re new here, this is the drill: You have until Sunday (August 17th) at midnight to submit an application that uses Twilio, and you’ll have a chance to win a Netbook!  We’ll announce the winner the next day, and blog about what you’ve built.