Welcome Beepsend to the Twilio Family: Expanding Twilio’s Super Network

February 07, 2017
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Imagine you’re standing on the corner in the rain, texting your driver. If that text message takes 2 minutes to arrive, that would feel like an eternity. Now imagine your credit card company texts you, reminding you that your bill is due tomorrow. You’re not waiting in the rain for that alert. It doesn’t matter if it arrives at 1:30pm or 1:32pm.
As you can see, not all text messages are the same. Different types of messages have different requirements for deliverability, capabilities, latency, and cost. Twilio’s “Super Network” is our software layer that interconnects with telecom networks around the world. We continually analyze data to optimize the quality and cost of communications that flow through the Twilio platform. In other words, this is how Twilio properly routes both your run-of-the-mill credit card bill reminder and that urgent text from your driver while you’re waiting in the rain. The more we invest in the breadth and variety of these carrier interconnections, the better we can route SMS traffic to carriers around the world for our customers.
Today we are excited to announce that Twilio has acquired Beepsend, a Sweden-based application-to-person (A2P) messaging provider with extensive global connectivity. The Beepsend team is joining the Twilio family and their platform capabilities, such as SMS message traffic segmentation, route monitoring, and analytics will be integrated into Twilio’s Super Network
With this acquisition, we are expanding both the breadth and depth of our network reach to provide customers with even more delivery options for their messaging needs. Furthermore, this adds even more redundancy and resiliency on top of the global telecom network. This acquisition is just another example of how Twilio continues to get better for you every single day.