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  • By Asia Lum
    Five Qualities of an Epic Mentor (and Developer Searchlight Nominee) Developer Searchlight Hero

    Behind every motivated professional is a group of mentors providing support, guidance, and partnership. But these advisors often go unrecognized because much of their coaching and impact happens one-on-one. I believe mentors deserve to be recognized for the uplifting work they do.

    When done right, mentorship has a positive impact beyond the immediate relationship. In a domino effect, one mentor passes down wisdom to a mentee, that person goes on to mentor another person, and so on – and the impact is felt tenfold. Mentorship has played an important role in shaping so many strong careers, and that should be celebrated.

    Developers tackle complex problems by learning from the creativity and experience of fellow collaborators – these relationships can help you connect the dots and see beyond what’s plainly there. In my role managing Twilio’s Hatch apprenticeship program, I’ve been fortunate to see first hand how mentor relationships help build …

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