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  • By Ajao Iyanu
    Build and Deploy Twitter Bots with Python, Tweepy and PythonAnywhere Twitter and Python logos

    This article will guide beginner Python developers on creating Twitter bots. You will learn the Twitter API while building a your bot and then you will deploy the bot to a cloud platform. The Twitter bot tweets quotes randomly selected from a Random Quotes API service.

    Development Environment

    To build our Twitter bot, we first need to set up our Python development environment and install the required packages that are needed for us to follow along with this tutorial.

    In addition to Python 3, we will be using:

    • virtualenv – a development environment
    • Requests library – a http library for humans
    • Tweepy – an API wrapper for Twitter
    • json – a built-in Python library for working with json
    • time module – a built-in Python library for working with time

    First of all, it is highly recommended and best practice to create a virtual environment before you begin any Python project. …

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