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  • By Abhijit Mehta
    Announcing Flex Zendesk CTI Integration General Availability VJCPavde1V-IpnmSayns8bL-pGtp5aeiWcwMG3l51VeJGTvIYhrQibctJXr2KkdEBSwqOGbH06PhH_u2Tv9U9NIWuuiD0vFcENiG5Ir0KVN9sUN7whjqUGOK75M3ldzN_-wwiOsQ

    Today we are excited to announce the Flex Zendesk CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) is now Generally Available. Flex Zendesk CTI is included at no extra cost within your Flex license and enables you to supercharge your Zendesk Support omnichannel customer communications. Get started here! A Zendesk Talk Partner Edition subscription is required for any Zendesk Support agents who want to access the Flex Zendesk CTI.

    Once you’ve successfully installed the CTI integration, you will be able to access Flex from within Zendesk Support. This enables you to:


    • Have a contextual conversation with your customers using the automatic search and screen pop to present a relevant ticket or user information to agents
    • Keep Zendesk in sync for agents moving between tasks with context switching, automatically bringing the context of the current task in front of the agent
    • Automatically record engagements going through Flex as private notes in the ticket
    • Log …
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  • By Abhijit Mehta
    Announcing Salesforce Flex CTI GA oElToJzFMeauR_zoNTDvEXZSSj-C5yI55sWdT3dogNET4vHWbtB0T4zU9hw1QO524cI_vkax2dbly4QxQWWQ0d3O8Ua3DD-8zV-5DbteaphOLJSJREu9QcSGWz5A3FY-Yt6CvL_l

    Today we are excited to announce the Flex Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) is now Generally Available, with support for both Salesforce Classic and/or Lightning. Flex Salesforce CTI is included at no extra cost within your Flex license and enables you to supercharge your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with omnichannel customer communications. Get started here!

    Once you’ve successfully installed the CTI integration, you will be able to access Flex via Salesforce’s openCTI utility bar component. This enables you to:

    • Perform automatic search and screen pop to present contextual information to agents
    • Keep the Salesforce screen in sync for agents moving between tasks with context switching
    • Create an automatic record of engagements going through Flex
    • Use Single Sign-On to authenticate directly to Flex when logging in from Salesforce
    • Use dual monitors to let agents take full advantage of both Flex and Salesforce real estate
    • In beta - click …
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  • By Abhijit Mehta
    Integrating Your CRM into Twilio Flex XihG_07eROBdbCSfnhXerX0JVN7ylFij3hLM-l0hB5ly_HumIHqLzBhWSZv8niO5wZxWUoIxfqJx6jUBLdwtHGFA-qnISUwsvUJ9R_llbbtcKpXQXMkaDbXKUh2REJBBBY3dmyRQ
    • Integrate any CRM, whether on-prem, cloud-based, or custom-built, with Twilio Flex.
    • Embed your CRM into the Flex agent desktop, or embed the agent desktop into your CRM.
    • Out-of-the-box Salesforce integration is now generally available.
    • Learn how to configure Salesforce integration with Twilio Flex.
    • Need assistance with your CRM integration? Twilio partners can help.

    In working with our customers to modernize their contact centers, one of the recurring challenges we’ve seen these businesses face is how to address the siloed systems that keep their communication channels, agent interfaces, and customer records separate. These separate systems are not only costly to support, but add complexity to contact center operations, and ultimately prevent businesses from delivering frictionless customer experiences.

    In order to efficiently and effectively communicate with customers, it’s critical that your CRM is tightly integrated with your contact center. In fact, this is one of the common requests we hear …

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  • By Abhijit Mehta
    How to Add Live Support Chat to Your Web Application with JavaScript Programmable Chat setup

    Do you need live customer support chat in your web application but don’t know how to go about building it? You’ve landed in the right place. Twilio Programmable Chat can help you create the support functionality that you envision for your business.

    Let’s walk step-by-step through quickly coding a multi-party chat application.

    Demo App and Code

    You can create your own version of the project to get started by clicking on “Remix” button on the demo app.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.57.53 AM.png

    Starting from Scratch

    If you want to start from a blank project instead of using the Glitch Remix feature, follow along with these steps.

    Head over to Glitch and you will set up with a new environment. Open up package.json – a file which provides information about your project. Click the “Add package” button and add the twilio, http, path and request modules. Glitch will install the modules as soon …

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  • By Abhijit Mehta
    Be On The Same Page As Your Customer (Literally) With Sync Co-Browsing Twilio Bug Logo

    If your customer hits a snag in your app, or on your website, you want to give them the best support you can. That means getting to the root of their problem and addressing it as fast as possible. Co-browsing helps you do just that. Co-browsing lets you synchronously and remotely navigate a webpage with a customer, so you see everything they see, and can answer their questions easily.

    Using Twilio Sync, we’ll build a co-browsing app that lets you give your customers a new level of support.

    Editor’s Note: Twilio Sync is still in Beta, request access here.

    Twilio Sync

    Twilio Sync lets you maintain state across any number of devices/endpoints in real time without needing to build, manage, or scale the backend infrastructure. Think of it as a really powerful tool that you could use to keep multiple “things” updated with simple or complex information in …

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