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  • By Ashutosh K. Singh
    Use Serverless Functions to Send an SMS with React, Vercel, and Twilio Copy of Search - Canva (2).png


    This article will discuss how to build a serverless application with React capable of sending SMS messages using Twilio Programmable SMS. With the rise of serverless architecture, developers can choose to focus on code and leave server management and configuration to third party services. In this tutorial, we will use Vercel to build and deploy serverless functions.

    For the complete code, see this GitHub repo.



    This tutorial will use Create React App to set up the initial React app quickly. Install Node.js on your local development machine if you haven't already.

    Navigate to your project’s parent directory in your command prompt, and run the following commands:

    npx create-react-app react-twilio-sms …
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