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  • By Brian Mgrdichian
    How to Schedule and Track Marketing Campaigns Header - Schedule and Track Campaigns

    SMS Marketing campaigns are a common way for a business to promote a new product, kick off a promotion, or increase engagement. Even with SMS having the highest viewing rate of most traditional marketing channels, businesses still want to ensure a campaign is successful by making sure they send at the right time, place, and reason. A business would also want to be able to track the success of campaigns through viewable metrics and optimize for future success such as through A/B testing.

    This is where a brand new set of tools for Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API would come in including Message Scheduling, Link Shortening and Click Tracking.

    Message Scheduling is now generally available. Link Shortening and Click Tracking is in Public Beta. Read our recent release blog to learn about these products in depth!

    For many companies sending links via SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp at the right time and …

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