AT&T Mobile App Hackathon San Diego Recap

I had the pleasure of attending the first San Diego Mobile App Hackathon at Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego. I was really impressed by the developer turnout, quality of speakers and overall enthusiasm for mobile development. One of the central ideas nearly everyone mentioned was using HTML5 to bring more function and consistency to mobile apps across all platforms.  The event was put on by the… Read More

Introducing Call Tracking with Twilio

Did you know that in today’s age of Internet marketing, the phone still plays a crucial role in lead generation? Voice leads can convert as much as twenty times more than web leads. The best leads want to talk to somebody in realtime, and they’re from numbers found both on and off the web. Many savvy Internet Marketers spend hours each week tracking website information such… Read More

Twilio Subaccounts: Build Multi-Tenant Apps with Twilio

Today we’re excited to release Twilio Subaccounts, a powerful developer productivity tool that is perfect for Twilio customers who are building multi-tenant web services and need the ability to track usage of each user independently from one another.  Subaccounts also help those of you who are powering several projects under one account and want to divide up usage of phone calls and text messages. Subaccounts are “owned” and controlled… Read More

Calling all Java developers – Making voice calls and sending SMS messages with Java

Did you know that Twilio offers helper libraries in a variety of programming languages to simplify the process of connecting your web application to Twilio? Java developers can use the Twilio Java Library to simplify making calls to the Twilio REST API, as well as generation of TwiML responses. We recently updated our HowTo’s and example code to include several Java examples, and over the next… Read More