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  • By Brian Thompson
    Build a Shipment Notification Service with Python, Flask, Twilio and EasyPost Building a Shipment Notification Service with Python, Twilio and EasyPost

    With eCommerce becoming more mainstream, companies are shipping goods directly to their consumers now more than ever.  Once consumers buy something online, they want to know where their order is in the fulfillment process and when it should arrive, and that’s where Twilio and EasyPost come in handy.

    In this tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to track the movement of shipments with the EasyPost API for Tracking, and programmatically notify individuals via the Twilio SMS API and the Flask framework for Python.

    Below is an example of the type of notifications that you’ll be sending automatically with this app:

    shipment notification sms

    Tutorial requirements

    To follow this tutorial you need the following components:

    • Python 3.6 or newer. If your operating system does not provide a Python interpreter, you can go to python.org to download an installer.
    • Flask. We will create a web application that responds to incoming webhooks from …
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