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  • By Shelley Vohr
    Architecting your Open Source Culture with Governance Architecting your Open Source Culture with Governance

    When an open source project first blinks its eyes open into the wider world, maintainers are often focused on nurturing its initial growth across a small variety of dimensions. These focal points are necessary and key for building a successful open source project, but once it reaches a certain scale, new considerations come into play.

    What problems are we trying to solve?

    Open source is, at its core, about people, and about orienting them around a project such that everyone is cognizant of and working to align on the direction that they want the project to head. A project’s culture is a reflection of the people who populate its ranks and the processes it has set out to guide the choices it makes both technically and non-technically. When your project is growing and it’s clear people are engaged, how do you ensure that your project is on a growth track …

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