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  • By Chris Corcoran
    Twilio Functions Now Supports npm functions_npm_support
    • Import third-party libraries into your functions using npm package manager.
    • Leverage free, reusable code from the community.
    • Available today in Twilio Functions.

    Today, we’re excited to announce npm support for Twilio Functions. npm is a package manager for JavaScript that makes it easy to share and reuse code. With npm support in Twilio Functions, you can now leverage the ecosystem of packages and modules provided by the Node.js community.

    npm support is the first addition in what we’re calling Twilio Functions Packages—a service of Twilio Functions that automatically retrieves, installs, and deploys the third-party packages you require. With Twilio Functions Packages, you never have to upload a package or library to Twilio. All of the logistics of package management is taken care of behind the scenes, so you can stay focused on putting them to work.

    How to Install an npm Module

    You can get started installing a npm …

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  • By Chris Corcoran
    Twilio Channels: A New Way Reach Customers in Apps They Already Use tw2_channels_blog
    • Use Twilio APIs to send and receive messages on multiple channels.
    • Works with Facebook Messenger, LINE, and WhatsApp Business.

    Last year we announced a Facebook Messenger integration that let you use the Twilio APIs, docs, and developer tools you’re already familiar with to send and receive messages on Messenger. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of eight more integrations to what we’re calling Twilio Channels. Twilio Channels is the collection of third-party integrations that let you send and receive messages on multiple channels with the Twilio APIs you already use, such as Notify, Programmable SMS, and Proxy.

    Here are the integrations currently available as part of Channels and the Twilio products they work with:


    • Facebook Messenger

    Programmable SMS

    • Channels in Public Beta: Facebook Messenger, LINE
    • Channels in Developer Preview: RCS Business Messaging


    • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE

    Supporting Different Chat Apps for Different Users …

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