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  • By Elisa Bellagamba
    Introducing Conference Hold ConferenceHold

    Many of you have adopted Twilio Conference to create complex call flows for multi-party scenarios. Over the last few months, the Conference team has been looking at how our API should be improved to make your job easier. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of a dedicated Hold API for Conference. You will be able to put a call leg on hold while keeping the participant in the conference. Before, you had to remove a call leg from the conference and transfer it to a new one. It’s quite a tedious sequence, especially when you had to do it at scale and keep track of a load of call SIDs.

    Many multi-party use cases rely on the ability to manipulate participant resources while the call is ongoing. Think, for example, when an agent needs to put you on hold to pass your request to a more experienced ...

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  • By Elisa Bellagamba
    Introducing Conference Events ConferenceEvents

    Today, we are announcing Public Beta for Conference Events. You will be able to subscribe to changes in participant and conference states and be notified accordingly. You will not have to poll the API’s anymore to maintain the state of each participants. This drastically reduces the complexity of your application. Conference Events will be available for free. We’ve also made Call Progress Events available for free to bolster this capability.

    Webhooks for Key Events

    You can enable Call Progress Events by using the new StatusCallbackEvent TwiML parameter, now available for the Conference; noun within the Dial verb. This complements the StatusCallbackEvents already available on Number, Client, and SIP. The StatusCallbackEvent parameter will trigger a webhook on specific state changes of the Conference or Participant resources.

    So far, you could only receive an event when a conference ended, if you had specified that the conferences was to be recorded ...

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  • By Elisa Bellagamba
    Introducing Dual Channel Recording Twilio Dual Channel Recording

    You don’t need to spend hours analyzing call recordings to figure out who said what. Those days are over. Today, we are excited to announce Dual-Channel Recording. With a simple TwiML command, you can get a recording of your call with two distinct channels, one per party. Now you can find out who said what, with one line of code.

    Learn more about Dual-Channel Recording right here

    The Conversations with Your Customers Are an Invaluable Mine of Information

    It’s easy to sense the level of customers frustration or delight from what they say verbally. For example, voice conversations with your customers can provide subtle sentiment nuances about your products. Or repeated requests and inquiries can signal emerging trends and their most pressing needs. Gauging the same subtlety from their online transactions is much more difficult as the human connection is missing. Yet, in the average call center, less ...

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  • By Elisa Bellagamba
    What Powers The On-Demand Economy? A Talk With Chelsea Rustrum TwilioTalks

    Marketplaces are growing exponentially and popping up online in every sector. When you go to work, you share a Lyft or Uber. If you need a window replaced, you might call a Taskrabbit. If you want to book a spot to stay for your vacation, you’ll book an Airbnb.
    We’re hosting a panel discussion at our HQ on April 26th with Airbnb, Instacart, Checkr, and Stripe to explore how different technology platforms enable the most successful on-demand services. Register here.
    Industry expert, Chelsea Rustrum will be moderating the panel. She is the author of It’s a Shareable Life and founder of Sharers Talks and will help us dive into the elements that drive the growth of the sharing economy marketplaces.
    I had a chance to sit down with Chelsea and pick her brain on the sharing economy in preparation for the meetup.

    Is it correct to say ...

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  • By Elisa Bellagamba
    Introducing Volume Pricing For Recording Storage Recording Scale

    Today, we are happy to introduce volume pricing for call recording storage. This means that, as your volume grows, you will be charged less and less per minute to store recordings. Don’t worry if your volume is still low, the first 10,000 stored minutes of recordings per month are free for you to play with.

    Call recordings are a precious mine of information about your customers. You can use recordings of past calls to analyze product feedback, train agents, get metrics on customer sentiments, enforce compliance, or also transcribe them to run keyword analysis – just to name a few. The more recordings you accumulate, the more accurate the insights will be. This helps your business adjust to customer needs faster, and provides you with valuable data.

    There was a time when recording a call meant hooking a cassette recorder to a hardwired phone line. Back then, businesses used ...

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