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  • By Emily Joy Krohn
    How to Improve Your Java Workflow with GitHub API header - How to Improve Your Java Workflow with GitHub API

    By now, you have probably heard about the GitHub API. Or you know what GitHub is and you know what an API is. Or you just Googled it, that’s okay too.

    From automating GitHub processes to just being a command line fanatic, the GitHub API can be used in many different ways. By taking a brief look at the documentation, you can see the GitHub API can do just about everything and more.

    Stay tuned to find out many cool features you probably didn’t know the GitHub API has and make your automation process a walk in the park.

    Read to the end for a quick and easy tutorial!

    The Convenience of GitHub API

    As many enterprises use GitHub in their everyday work, it may not come as a surprise to learn the base URL can be different from those which are public repositories.

    The most difficult part in …

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