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  • By Erin Reilly
    How Twilio.org is Supporting COVID-19 Crisis Response Efforts How Twilio.org is Supporting Covid-19 Crisis Response Efforts

    Every day, we learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting people around the globe. Our hearts go out to those who have contracted the virus, their families, and the health workers providing life-saving care. While these people are most directly impacted, the ripple effects of the pandemic reach far beyond. Local nonprofits serving at-risk populations, small businesses that rely on foot traffic, and caretakers for families must all adapt to our new reality of most public places shutting down.

    At Twilio.org, we’re committed to doing our part to aid in the crisis. Here’s what we’re doing.

    Granting $1.5 million to global and local efforts

    To help our global community and the local San Francisco and Denver areas, home to Twilio's largest offices, we’re donating a total of $1.5 million. We're focused on funding organizations driving the medical response to COVID-19 and serving low-income, at-risk populations who will be severely impacted …

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  • By Erin Reilly
    Twilio.org Awards Nearly $3.7 Million in Grants to 26 Nonprofits to Support Crisis Communications Twilio.org Crisis Response Grant Round Announcement 2019

    For nonprofits looking to scale their efforts and support more people and communities in times of crisis, technology is a tremendous asset to maximize their impact. That is why in August 2019 at Twilio’s SIGNAL conference, Twilio.org announced its Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative. The initiative set out to enhance the communications efforts of nonprofits who are supporting individuals and communities in the following areas:

    • Abuse (physical, sexual, technological, financial, verbal, psychological, cultural)
    • Substance abuse
    • Sexual assault
    • Suicide prevention and mental health
    • Natural disasters

    Additional funding can also help nonprofits expand their use of communications technology to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, as part of the Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative, Twilio.org pledged to donate $5 million by the end of 2019 to United States and internationally-based nonprofits focused on crisis response to help them expand their ability to respond to the needs of the people they …

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