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  • By Fernando Medina Corey
    How to Build SMS Notification Applications with JavaScript and the Serverless Framework serverless-framework-logo

    Who loves dogs? I do! So much that I wanted to build a spam-resistent text notification website using the Serverless Framework on AWS, Twilio, Google Recaptcha, and Node.js (just so I could make you look at my puppy photos). Building this project should be free or only cost a few pennies.  When you’re ready, let’s walkthrough how to build your own Serverless application and integrate it with multiple APIs to enrich the functionality.

    The first thing we’ll need to do is to gather our dependencies and API credentials. We will use Git, Node.js, and npm for this project. Follow this guide to setup Node and npm.

    Setting Up AWS, Twilio, and Google Recaptcha Accounts

    Start by installing The Serverless Framework by running the command npm install serverless -g in your terminal (or command prompt window). Let’s setup an AWS account if you don’t already have one. This entire …

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