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  • By Harjyot Singh
    How to Send Emails Through SMS using JavaScript and Node.js Send emails through SMS

    You can easily forward emails as SMS with a simple app. We can also extend the app to also send emails from SMS. Let’s get started!

    Our Development Tools

    Here’s our checklist of all the things we will need to build the app:

    • Node.js and npm
    • Yarn – You can use npm as well but you will have to modify the package.json start scripts to npm from yarn
    • Ngrok – the perfect solution to demo without deploying
    • A working email account with IMAP access

    Getting started

    Begin by cloning the starter  project from GitHub and running Yarn to install the project dependencies. Make sure that you are checking out the twilio-template-e …

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  • By Harjyot Singh
    How to Forward Emails to SMS using Node.js Email to SMS

    You know that annoying moment when you are waiting for an important email to come through? Or you really have to send that one formal email to your boss but you have used up all your data allowance and have no WiFi to connect to? Yup, me too.

    I had recently found myself in a similar situation and missed out on an amazing opportunity. When I went to a local hackathon I knew what I would be building – a minimalistic email interface you can control just with SMS. Today we are going to build this app using a little bit of Node.js and Twilio!

    Getting Started

    Let’s start with a checklist of all the things we will need to build the app:

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