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  • By Humberto Reyes
    Introducing IP ACL CIDR Block Support - SIP Interface and Elastic SIP Trunking acl_icon (1).png

    A new control to improve security and save you time.

    Today Twilio is announcing an enhanced security control at the edge of the network to give customers a quick and easy way to block communications from rogue hosts.

    We are excited to introduce, CIDR Block support for IP Access Control List (ACL) used in SIP Interfaces and Elastic SIP Trunking products.  

    This feature allows you to define an IP address range with a network prefix improving security, saving time and making IP ACLs more scalable from both the Console and the API.

    Getting started

    The following animation shows you how easy it is to start using CIDR Blocks on your Elastic SIP Trunks, simply follow along:


    As you can see once you enter the IP Address and select the slash notation it will show you the IP Address Range.  If you are looking to add just one IP Address to …

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