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  • By Isabel Hildebrand
    Sending Automated Congratulations with Google Sheets, Twilio, and n8n n8n-congrats (1).png

    It was your colleague’s, relative’s, or friend’s birthday, but in between all your busy day-to-day operations you missed an opportunity to send them a heartwarming message? You want to automatically send birthday messages to all your regular customers, but you don’t know how to?

    Why not hand over this task to an n8n (pronounced “n-eight-n”) workflow? n8n provides extendable workflow automation that integrates with over 90 different apps, including Twilio Messaging.

    In this post you’ll learn how to automate sending personalized congratulations and never forget a birthday and anniversary again. You won’t need to do any programming to build the solution: n8n provides a visual workflow designer and Twilio Messaging can be set up from the Twilio user interface.

    You’ll enter your contact list for congratulation messages in Google Sheets to keep the maximum flexibility. As your list of contacts grows and the variety of messages you send increases …

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  • By Isabel Hildebrand
    Automatically Adding Expense Receipts to Google Sheets with Telegram, Mindee, Twilio, and n8n n8n-expense-reports.png

    Are you tired of entering receipts and bills manually for household expenses, reimbursements, and tax returns? BillBot is here to make your life easier.

    Take a picture of your receipts with Telegram, and details like amount, date, and category will be automatically added to Google Sheets. Your spouse or your accountant will also receive an SMS notification using a Twilio account.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to escape the paper jungle and simplify your digitization process.

    n8n workflow designer screenshot

    Completed n8n workflow for the BillBot application

    You’ll use your Telegram account to create a BillBot to upload your receipts and get a confirmation of the added data right away.

    The Mindee API for receipts automatically parses the information out of the images. The Google Sheets node acts as your expense record keeper. The automation is made possible by a workflow in n8n (pronounced “n-eight-n”).

    The service provided by Twilio Programmable …

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  • By Isabel Hildebrand
    Tracking Time Spent in Meetings With Google Calendar, Twilio, and n8n tracking-time-with-n8n.png

    Time is a commodity that can’t be purchased but, if managed well, you can free up time to spend on the things you love. According to an article by Dorie Clark of Duke University in the Harvard Business Review, tracking your time can give you a better overview of how you spend your time during the week.

    You might realize that you’re spending too much time during the week on meetings. If you are curious to learn exactly how much time — even if you dread the answer — this post is for you!

    In the tutorial that follows you’ll learn how to pull the details of your meetings from your Google Calendar using the Google Calendar API. Then you’ll use Twilio Programmable SMS to send yourself a weekly text message with the total for the previous week.

    You’ll also learn how to use n8n (pronounced “nodemation”) to create …

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