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  • By Jon Davis
    Build a Cellular Connected Raspberry Pi Fax Machine with Node.js b7CUtFw3qOEg6d313b5Y3FjaPFyQv-8dALjr4STUQ4mnag3rzFroiTtA3PyaUt_A9P3UdJt3miktH6kbgpOPaW3FtcOYGaZX27q9FdaanC8SCZkWH5jD8OhifzgQl4D2FaD97OrM

    Here at Twilio, one of our core objectives is to inspire and equip you to you build new things – even just for fun. Our latest experiment along those lines? A cellular connected portable fax machine.

    You heard that right: a fax machine! While a fax machine probably won’t be the next hit holiday gift, we think it’s great inspiration for  your next IoT project.

    What you’ll need to build your cellular Raspberry Pi fax machine

    We’ve provided a shopping list of services and hardware required to recreate this project:



    A Raspberry Pi and thermal printer are at the center of the required hardware to build this beast. You’ll use a USB to TTL serial cable to connect to the Raspberry Pi headlessly and won’t need a …

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  • By Jon Davis
    CommsQuest IV – A Retro Game Built Using Twilio Sync Commsquest IV Logo

    At Twilio, we’re all about helping you build new things that help make conversations happen. But sometimes we like to goof around — whether it’s teaching our dog how to take a selfie or pretending to launch ourselves into outer space. Our latest experiment? Building CommsQuest IV, a retro style labyrinth game. What’s this have to do with communications? Let’s find out.

    But first, you have to take Commsquest IV for a spin. Pro Tip: lock your phone’s orientation to portrait.

    How it all went down

    It all started with an open source project we found on GitHub. We wanted to see just how quickly we could get the ball rolling. Any guesses? You’d think it would take at least a couple days to get something to move remotely on the screen. Not with Twilio. Using Sync, programmable SMS and a team of bright young minds, we …

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