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  • By Jed Schmidt
    Create A Family Photo Frame With Twilio, AWS, and Electric Objects jedfeatured

    Jed Schmidt is a developer, dad, musician and all around rad dude working in New York. He graces the Twilio blog with his presence and a lovely tutorial on using Twilio, AWS and Electric Objects to create a Twilio MMS photo frame. You can watch him build the whole thing in the following video tutorial, and follow along with him in his detailed step by step instructions. Soon you’ll have a code-powered photo collage going in no time.

    We’ll let Jed take it from here.

    Using Twilio, AWS, and Electric Objects to create an MMS-powered family photo frame.

    A few months ago my partner and I welcomed a pudgy baby boy named Ko into our lives. Since then it’s been amazing to see the small changes in him day by day, like when he discovered his hands, or learned how to smile. So I’ve found myself taking out my phone …

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