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  • By Jim Hua
    Watching IoT Sensors with an ESP32 Board, JavaScript, Node.js and Twilio Sync hardware-setup

    Twilio Sync for IoT provides two sets of API to build end-to-end experiences with your embedded and wearable devices using the same Sync primitives used for mobile devices and web browsers. Sync for IoT lets you expand your real time applications to the Internet of Things. 

    Let’s set up the demo system shown in the main photo, which includes a browser interface and an ESP32 board with a humidity and temperature sensor attached. We’ll use JavaScript, Node.js, the Twilio Sync Rest API and the Twilio Sync JavaScript Client Library to interact with the Sync resource on our IoT device and our web server and browser clients at the same time.

    If you just want to see the finished code, see this Github repository. It has been verified to work with Chrome, Firefox and IE and with an ESP-wrover-kit.

    Prerequisites for Our Sync for IoT Build

    To follow ...

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