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  • By Jake Kanter
    Introducing <Pay>: PCI Compliant over the phone payments Introducing <Pay>

    <Pay> lets you capture payments over the phone easily and securely with a set of simple commands and a powerful API platform.

    Before <Pay>, building PCI-compliant payments for your business wasn’t quite as simple.

    First, you’d have to build PCI-compliant infrastructure that would be audited every year for compliance. Then, you’d build a custom voice interface to prompt customers for payment information, and a system to validate that information. Finally, you’d integrate with a third party to actually process the payment.  

    <Pay> eliminates these hoops you used to jump through so you can build better payment workflows without the hassle.


    <Pay> is a simple, yet powerful API that abstracts into a single line of code all the complexity of capturing payment information over the phone . <Pay> allows Twilio developers to capture end customer credit card information in an intuitive, and PCI-compliant fashion, and then passes that information along …

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  • By Jake Kanter
    Twilio Conference now supports Announcements Twilio Bug Logo

    Twilio Conference now supports Announcements

    We are excited to announce support for Announcements in Twilio Conference. Over the last several years, Conference has become a critical part of everything from managing incident responses involving a large number of participants or powering advanced call controls such as hold, transfers, monitor, coach, or barge in a contact center. In the past, developers were forced to transfer the Participant out of conference to be able to Play or Say as a workaround for Announcements. The new Announcement feature significantly simplifies the process by using one API call to Play or Say into Conference.


    The API for Announcement adds two new optional parameters to the Conference and Participant API.

    AnnounceUrl: The AnnounceUrl attribute lets you specify a URL for Announcement. The URL may be an MP3, a WAV, or a TwiML document that uses <Play> or <Say>.

    AnnounceMethod: Specify GET or POST; defaults to …

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