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  • By Kevin Lewis
    Tell stories with friends with Programmable Chat and JavaScript Hh70cyJBAafy_yH9TvNyKyTw_wdAOO7-2bvUih34RXhJLvo_Nhx8QgWbGtmnHix5g4TwI4WrDEY-gq2uqD0Hf429fRAepxy4hHIhxV1h4YVay_7mgXPkpKJgGd3tALabw3Vd2HOK

    One of my favourite icebreakers is to play a game called Once Upon a Time, which is popular enough to have its own card game. When playing, friends get to write one line of a story at a time and each player can only see the one immediately before theirs. The results are always hilarious as stories go off in all kinds of directions. I wanted the ability to play anytime with friends, where all they need is an internet-connected device. In this post I’ll show you how to create a basic online version of the game using Twilio Programmable Chat.

    Our tools

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  • By Kevin Lewis
    Playing a Twitter adventure game using SMS and Twilio on Glitch xj5zhV37tefCRWmsOv5o353PJZ5xUQzXtfr-oz2lOep21-Wn87mzDh8AyydYM0WpVdUy-oAasM8fAR9ul2WwDTJraslFNm1cuiul92X8R0muYphkQYhg06WPnBiM-CNcSg_rfDVy

    A few years ago, Terence Eden created @wnd_go, a “choose your own adventure” style game using a series of Twitter accounts which link to one another. I thought it’d be fun to show you how to build an application which makes this more accessible by replicating the gameplay via SMS. For this we’ll be using Node.js and an online editor called Glitch. Greg has previously written a post on receiving SMS using Glitch (then HyperDev).

    Our tools

    • We’ll be using the online IDE Glitch for this project – you can get to writing code straight away without an account.
    • A Twilio phone number, you can get a free one here.

    Setting up Glitch and our project’s dependencies.

    Head over to Glitch and you’ll i …

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