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  • By Michelle Desien
    How to Achieve Messaging Compliance by Playing Strong Defense Copy of C03 Blog Text (2)

    In messaging compliance, it is important to remember that you are always playing defense. Setting up a compliant messaging program from the start will make sure that you don’t get dinged by the carriers in the long term.

    Filtering is often, though not always, driven by how customers are receiving (or not receiving) messages. If a sender is trying to message a lot of numbers that are landlines because they do not have a clear opt-in flow, the carriers will be more likely to filter. If customers are opt-ing out or marking as spam at high rates, carriers, again, will be more likely to filter. If your method of collecting consent is clean, content is wanted, and sender identification is clear, the likelihood of filtering is low.

    In this article, I will provide recommendations to help you set up a good defensive line from the start with these messaging …

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