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  • By Michelle Glauser
    Introducing Twilio Community Developer Michelle Glauser Michelle Glauser speaking, courtesy of Tech Inclusion

    Becoming a software engineer in 2012 not only introduced me to work that would always be interesting, it also tripled my income. That was really empowering.

    My new career came with a cold dose of reality, however—there wasn’t really any kind of diversity represented in the technical teams I saw. As I thought about why that was, I wondered why no one had ever pointed out that I might be interested in software engineering. After all, I was the only girl I knew or member of my family who’d taught myself to navigate DOS as an 8-year-old and memorized all the WordPerfect commands. The first time I accessed the internet, I spent hours looking up topics that interested me at the time—mostly Tamagotchis. I picked up some Visual Basic 6 in the .Exe Filers computer club at school, snuck Juno dial-up onto the family computer, and wrestled with HTML to …

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