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  • By Mark Vickstrom
    Increase Call Answer Rates on iOS with Suggested Contacts Header

    When was the last time you got a call from a number you didn’t recognize? Did you answer that call?

    Calls from phone numbers that recipients do not recognize have low answer rates because of the rise of robocalls and call spam. Technologies like STIR/SHAKEN and third-party analytics services are currently focused on identifying and blocking spam calls, not on increasing trust in calls that are desired – such as a call from a delivery driver who can’t find your house, or from your pharmacy letting you know your prescription is ready.

    In the US, telecom providers have long supported Caller ID through CNAM. So, if you have a landline (or are old enough to remember when most houses had a landline), you’ve probably seen a 15-character Caller ID show up on a small screen when a call comes in.

    Aside from some technical limitations with CNAM, we don’t often …

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