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  • By Matthew Vielkind
    Broadcast Photos to Digital Picture Frames via SMS using AWS Lambda, Twilio and SendGrid Broadcast Photos to Digital Picture Frames via SMS using AWS Lambda, Twilio and SendGrid

    One way to foster engagement is to co-opt common patterns people are familiar with. When my family all received digital picture frames as another way to stay connected while we were in quarantine there was a problem: the process for sharing photos wasn’t intuitive, as it required you to draft an email with all the addresses assigned to the digital frames owned by the family, and attach your photos to it.

    To improve engagement I embraced my role as family IT support and set up a texting service where images sent to a Twilio number would be broadcast to every picture frame in the family. By leveraging a pattern everyone was familiar with, sharing images via text messages, hundreds of photos have been shared of breads we have baked, babies in their daily outfits, nostalgia photos from the past and so much more!

    In this tutorial I'll show how to …

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  • By Matthew Vielkind
    Build a Cooking Advice Chatbot with Python, GPT-3 and Twilio Autopilot Build a Cooking Advice Chatbot with Python, GPT-3 and Twilio Autopilot

    Everyone has experienced looking up a recipe online then having to scroll through the recipe's back story to reach the end of the page just to find out how to poach chicken. Being an avid cook I began thinking about how a chatbot could take a user request about how to cook a specific food and respond with some quick cooking advice without all the filler.

    One challenge of doing so is generating the advice itself. There are a lot of potential cooking questions users could ask and building that knowledge base is an enormous task. When OpenAI released GPT-3 earlier this summer I began to think how GPT-3 could be leveraged to provide cooking advice for any food users ask about. The result is a chatbot that takes user cooking queries and then relies on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to generate the content!

    In this post I will walk …

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  • By Matthew Vielkind
    Build Your Own Personal Training Exercise Bot with Python, Zappa, AWS and Twilio SMS lc0KtAlkT8PNC0ldM_tqY52yk6vDUA_HhKuGCEGm1vXbHgz7bp_sfxcjUnzN06rM_LyLN_6soOY7yUgSebofc7HbJTQhDPpLzM8jpkll-y3iS9RPdmiU66AyfS4oSiYHqZ_GGP8W

    Heading into the new year I wanted to set myself up to be successful living a healthier life. Saying you’re going to do something is easy, following through with action is the hard part. To ensure success being more physically active I needed help with a seemingly simple question, what should I do for a workout? With so many options available I wanted to spend less time thinking about what I’m going to do and more time doing the actual workout.

    I needed a prescriptive solution to dictate a workout each day that would be balanced with enough daily variation to avoid becoming redundant. Most of the fitness apps available allow tracking of workouts, but lack the prescriptive component I was looking for.

    Unsatisfied, I decided to roll-up my sleeves and build my own SMS-enabled personal trainer bot I call twilio-fit. Twilio-fit designs a workout on-demand that incorporates my personal …

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