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  • By Olawale Williams
    Create an OpenCart SMS Extension to Notify Store Owners of New Orders Create an OpenCart SMS Extension to Notify Store Owners of New Orders.png

    In this tutorial, we'll explore how to use the Twilio SMS API to create an OpenCart module that sends an SMS when a customer places an order, registers, or has their order history modified.

    OpenCart is a free open source e-commerce platform for online merchants. It provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store. This foundation appeals to a wide variety of users; ranging from seasoned web developers looking for a user-friendly interface to use, to shop owners just launching their business online for the first time.

    Tutorial Requirements

    • PHP development environment using lamp (for Linux users), xampp (for windows users) e.t.c.
    • Global installation of Composer
    • Twilio Account
    • OpenCart Installation

    OpenCart requirement and Installation

    OpenCart requirements and installation can be found in the OpenCart official documentation.

    Understand the OpenCart folder structure

    The OpenCart is one of the great examples of MVC framework as it …

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