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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Data Session events on Super SIM Connection Events now show more information about your total data usage over a data session. The newly added data_session_data_download, data_session_data_upload, and data_session_data_total properties show the cumulative amounts of data exchanged over the course of the data session. Previously, to get this information from Connection Events, you would have needed to subscribe to and aggregate the amounts from all of the data-session.updated and data-session.ended events.

If you don’t need to do near-real time usage billing or metering, you can now get your SIMs’ data usage streamed to you by just subscribing to data-session.ended events, reducing the number of events you need to handle by over 90%, reducing both the complexity and cost of using Connection Events to understand your data usage.

Your subscription needs to use the latest version of the Connection Events schema to see the new properties.

Refer to the docs for more details.