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OpenVBX for Android

Make phone calls, send text messages and access your OpenVBX account voicemail on Android devices.

Outbound Flows Plugin

Lets you call out with a flow or send messages to someone else from a flow.

Google Analytics Plugin

Track the current activity in the flow in Google Analytics.

Subscriptions Plugin

OpenVBX Subscriptions plugin adds text message marketing and auto-dialing to OpenVBX. Create opt-in...

Polls Plugin

Allows for phone and text message polling.

A/B Split Plugin

A/B split testing for OpenVBX. Make a simple coin toss app or combine it with the transfer plugin...

Twitter Plugin

Say or reply with the most recent tweet of the specified user.

Import / Export Flows

The Import / Export Flows plugin allows you to quickly import and export your flows.

Keyword Matching for SMS Menus

Slightly more advanced keyword matching for SMS menus. Lets you choose which applet to run when a...