5 ways to grow as a developer with Twilio Education

November 03, 2022
Written by
Joe Nash

5 ways to grow as a developer with Twilio Education

Develop practical coding skills to last a lifetime with Twilio Education’s real-world developer training for students, educators, and professionals.

Twilio Education’s mission is helping students, educators, and developers everywhere reach their goals faster. From student workshops and career development support, to live training for professional developers and lesson plans for educators, we have something for everyone.

But with so many resources, how do you choose? This blog post will help you find the right track for you!

Build your first web app in TwilioQuest Operator Academy

Learning is better together. In our new Operator Academy courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web application development with the support of live instructors, and an incredible community. Join in with classes live on Twitch, and practice what you’ve learned with TwilioQuest, Twilio’s educational video game. By the end of the course, you will have built your own portfolio project using your newfound skills.

The next Operator Academy course starts on November 7th. Learn more and reserve your place!

Start a new coding adventure in TwilioQuest

TwilioQuest is a free educational role-playing game for students and developers of all skill levels. Have fun while learning real-world engineering skills, with missions featuring JavaScript, Python, web APIs, open source, and of course, Twilio.

TwilioQuest is regularly updated with new missions for you to explore. This year, TwilioQuest has added something new for everyone, no matter where you are in your developer journey.

If you’re just finding your feet with programming, and getting to grips with how that box of sentient sand we call a computer works, the Tower of Infinite Knowledge is a great place to start. This ever-expanding library will introduce you to the fundamentals you need to become a great developer. Learn about how files and folders form the filesystem, and how you can navigate and use it. Or dive into the terminal, a text-based interface that unlocks a world of powerful tools. Do you have a burning question that you’d like to see us answer in TwilioQuest? Chat to the Explorer and answer the New Developer Pain Point Tool to let us know what we should build next!

Get TwilioQuest for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Learn the Twilio Essentials on LinkedIn Learning

In this hands-on code-along course for people new to Twilio, you’ll create inbound and outbound SMS and MMS based applications, make outgoing calls and create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) from scratch. You’ll also explore the powerful Serverless toolkit to develop a greenfield conferencing and scheduling application all over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and text messages. (You’ll pick up all these acronyms and more along the way too).

Get free access to Unit 1 of Twilio Essentials on LinkedIn Learning.

Become a student leader with Field Operators

Twilio Field Operators are student leaders looking for opportunities to lead, explore new technologies and serve their communities. Field Operators get a head-start through hands-on workshops with expert speakers, and the support of our growing community. Field Operators grows with you, whether you lead a brand-new student club, or a hackathon in its tenth edition.

Field Operators progress through 4 Ranks. Activities in each Rank help you make the biggest impact for your fellow students, and earn you XP. As you earn XP and advance through the Ranks, you will unlock rewards including Twilio swag, career-building opportunities and access to Twilio events.

Field Operators is open to college, university, and bootcamp students aged 18+.

Level Up with live, virtual training

Level Up is a virtual, live-training event that helps you go deeper with Twilio's products. Level Ups cover a variety of Twilio products in a one-hour webinar, and give attendees the opportunity to have their questions answered live by the presenter. The style of these webinars is casual and informative, with the goal of making sure you can be successful as you get started with building and scaling Twilio's solutions.

Check out upcoming Level Ups and register your place.

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