Unlock your power to teach with TwilioQuest

June 01, 2021
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Discover your power to change the world by teaching

We love the way TwilioQuest's 16-bit retro aesthetic and video game experience can make learning tech skills less intimidating for a broad diversity of learners. We are excited to equip everyone in our community with the power to share their knowledge using this fun educational platform!

Getting started as a TwilioQuest game developer is as straightforward as using our open source extension template on GitHub!

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The most effective way to become an expert in a subject is to figure out how to teach it. Portfolio projects, GitHub profiles, and resumes often fail to communicate the kind of comprehensive understanding needed to secure opportunities to advance professionally.

Authoring a new level in TwilioQuest communicates not only your technical understanding, but also a variety of incredibly valuable skills every team wants such as:

  • Breaking down large projects into discrete actionable steps
  • Bringing different disciplines together to create a cohesive whole
  • Communicating complex ideas for a broad audience
  • Investing in the advancement of others

Share your XP and level up the next generation of developers

By capturing your expertise into a custom TwilioQuest extension, that mastery also becomes an interactive project you can share to demonstrate your skill and empower other developers just getting started on that learning journey.

Animated gif of the Fog Owl space ship flying across the stars.

Adopting your tech could be more fun

Maybe you don't need to show off your skills so much as to get other developers to understand the amazing new tech magic you, your team, or your organization have created!

Every API, platform, library, and software tool can only be as successful as the developers making use of it. If learning to use your tech is fun and accessible to a broad audience of coders, you've already won the boss fight.

Creating useful engaging educational content in TwilioQuest makes that technology more accessible to individual developers, bootcamps, and classrooms!


The TwilioQuest authoring tools offer a variety of options to facilitate your creative vision.

Create intricate maps that take your player on a journey

Our extension template aims to accelerate your game design experiments by providing a default level map in a retro VR style; however, there are tons of options for customizing that map to create a variety of interconnected levels, or even creating completely new maps to achieve whatever aesthetic you desire.

Image of a map created in the Tiled program showing a large estate with trees, walkways, a fountain, a soccar field, and a greenhouse.

Write conversations with engaging characters

Your players' guide throughout their TwilioQuest experience is the friendly robot, Cedric, who provides helpful insights throughout their adventure. You can make use of Cedric and a variety of other existing characters to provide guidance, contextual information, and storytelling to facilitate your learners' journey.

Animated gif of a human character in a red jacket pulling out a blue book, opening it, turning a page, closing it, and putting it away.
Animated gif showing a screen with a happy face attached to a cable popping up from the bottom of the image.
Animated gif of a human in flight gear bobbing up and down.

Provide dynamic validation feedback to players as they learn

The superpower we're sharing by having the TwilioQuest game installed directly on our players' systems is the ability to write learning objectives that validate developer tasks being executed outside the context of the game. This will allow you to create validation code which detects exactly where your player is getting stuck and gives back specific step by step feedback and error messaging to ensure their success.

The in-game hacking tool showing objective information in the main screen area and a list of error messages along a right side panel.

It's dangerous to go alone!

There's already a growing collection of resources to help you on your adventures in TwilioQuest development including a content authoring guide and video resources, as well as a vibrant community of developers you can connect with through our weekly Twitch streams or anytime on discord and on our forums.

New to TwilioQuest?

TwilioQuest is an educational video game designed to teach a new generation of developers how to change the world with code. TwilioQuest prepares you for real-world programming by helping you configure a local development environment and introducing tools used by professional programmers around the world. From learning how to use your terminal, to coding in Python, JavaScript, and PHP, TwilioQuest will help you develop practical engineering skills.

We can't wait to see what you build!