Reduce your budget by 50% with CustomerAI

Combine the power of predictive AI and generative AI, so marketers can create engaging 1:1 experiences that reduce CAC and increase LTV.

10X your customer relationships with CustomerAI

65% decrease in cost per acquisition
See how Domino's new data infrastructure lowered customer acquisition costs.
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Explore how IBM Cloud increased product adoption by 30%, grew user engagement, and increased revenue by 70%.
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CustomerAI for Marketers 

The more you understand your customers, the more likely they are to engage with you

With CustomerAI, marketers get a set of AI capabilities that learn from every interaction to precisely personalize messaging, find the right audiences, and create the most relevant journey for every individual, so you can increase conversions across every campaign. 

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AI Personalization Engine

Get your data AI ready

CustomerAI takes all your scattered, disjointed data and unifies it so it’s clean, consistent, compliant, and instantly actionable. Your AI assistants, agents, and campaigns get even smarter with a seamless API that pulls the most relevant information into chat conversations, emails, and SMS messages. 

Predictive Traits & Audiences

Improve conversion rates with smarter audiences, content, and campaigns

With Predictive Traits and Audiences you get insights about customer behaviors, so you know who and what to focus on. Now you can suppress ads, personalize offers, plus create winback and retention campaigns  without weeks of data analysis.

Predictive traits workflow featuring call out boxes describing a prediction, ready to buy trait, and high lifetime value trait for a customer
mobile phone screen featuring an email from a business with a call out box showcasing how to build a customized email for a customer using a prompt

Generative Journeys & Email

Create a custom journey for each customer in seconds

Imagine automatically building a campaign with content using just a single text prompt. CustomerAI Generative Journeys and Email allows you to spend less time building while instantly improving conversion rates.

CustomerAI Trust Layer

Built-in security, compliance, and trust in every experience

Privacy, security, and compliance are at the core of CustomerAI. Get the controls you need to manage how and when customer data is used, keeping trust front and center.

 a code snippet next to a customer profile with data icons around it

“CustomerAI Predictions equips Box’s marketing team with the ability to forecast customer behavior to a degree that was simply unavailable to us before. We’re able to segment our audience based on predictive traits to meet those people where they are in their customer journey.”

Chris Koehler Chief Marketing Officer, Box

Boost your conversions, not your budget

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