SMS Everywhere: Twilio Now Enables Messaging to over 150 Countries Worldwide

Today we launched Twilio SMS capabilities globally so that developers can send SMS messages to any destination around the world. This was the most widely requested feature ever by the community and we are thrilled to enable this for US and Canadian Twilio numbers. Now developers can enable their Twilio numbers to send and receive SMS message to over 150 countries worldwide, using the exact same API. This means developers can reach anyone in the world with voice and SMS, as simple as using the web.

Twilio SMS is also now multi-lingual with support for dozens of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Russian. Now with Unicode (UCS-2) support, developers can deliver the correct characters in their preferred language.

We’re committed to providing a platform that allows developers to reach their users without geopolitical limitations. We continue to add availablity in new countries and expand Twilio international capabilities.

How to Get Started with Global SMS

To enable global SMS, visit your Twilio account to edit the country permissions dashboard. Here you can turn on specific or all countries to which you’d like to be able to send outbound SMS messages.

Pricing varies depending on destination, make sure to check all pricing information on our coverage and pricing page. Recipients of SMS will be able to respond at the regular price of their carrier. If you can’t find a certain carrier listed, we are constantly adding new carriers so stay tuned.

At this time UK is not supported for global SMS but UK Twilio numbers are enabled for global voice and local SMS messaging. For more details visit the FAQ.

Twilio SMS Resources

If you’re just getting to know Twilio SMS, start with the resources below. If you have questions or feedback reach out to, we’re always listening.

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