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Network Traversal Services – New Region – Mumbai, India


We are excited to announce that Network Traversal Service (NTS) is now available in India through Twilio’s new IN1 data center in Mumbai. This makes Network Traversal Service available in eight regions on five continents. This new point of presence reduces video latency throughout Asia Pacific, and especially in the rapidly growing India market. For developers looking to expand their applications into India, this expansion means Video service for your users is even better than before.

Network Traversal Service (NTS) provides low latency, cost effective, reliable STUN and TURN capabilities for developers using WebRTC. Twilio’s Network Traversal Service has a host of capabilities that are vital if you’re building a peer-to-peer WebRTC application::

  • Free STUN lookups: Enable your endpoints to discover their public IPs
  • Global coverage: PoP in eight regions helps provide the best experience to your users around the globe
  • Intelligent routing: Geo-DNS resolution ensures clients are connected to the nearest geographic point of presence
  • Elastic scale: Pay only for what you use, scale dynamically as load increases
  • Cost-effective: Volume-based pricing tiers


Building WebRTC solutions for global user base can be hard

One of the routine challenges developers building their own solution need to tackle is how to get their media around firewalls and NATs. If your application doesn’t need conferencing, recording, or multi-party features, routing the media directly between peers can mean  lower cost and higher quality. Twilio Network Traversal Service provides the behind-the-scenes STUN/TURN infrastructure that allows you to focus on building your application, rather than operating back-end systems.

Twilio Video calls benefit from IN1 point of presence today

Twilio’s Video SDKs enable you to embed reliable voice, video, and screen sharing into any iOS, Android, or JavaScript application. Effective immediately, calls made with Twilio’s Video SDKs take advantage of Twilio’s new point of presence in Mumbai, along with the rest of Twilio’s global STUN / TURN infrastructure.

If you’re new to WebRTC or real-time video and are looking for a great place to start, Twilio’s Video SDKs provide everything you need to add real-time voice, video and screen-sharing to your applications.

How to get started

With Twilio’s Network Traversal Services, it’s never been easier to build WebRTC solutions on a global scale. To get started with NTS and the Rooms API:

We can’t wait to see what you build – at global scale!

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