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  • By Amoretta Cockerham
    Team TwilioQuest: Translation Retrospective TwilioQuest Extension to Education

    Translation retrospective

    My role for the past few months has been as a community developer and content translator for the Japanese-language version of TwilioQuest – two distinct ‘hats’ that complement each other well, when you think about the skills involved in translating game content. But before I delve further into an explanation of my experience translating TwilioQuest, I want to talk about my appreciation for the game’s purpose and the people playing it.

    Why this work matters to me

    When I first spoke to Margaret about working on TwilioQuest, I was most drawn to the possibilities of the gamification of difficult subjects. I myself am an academic at heart - I’ve always been at home in academia, and when I am unsure of where I’m going, that’s the place I return to. I know all too well, however, that this isn’t the case for everyone. Many people are not comfortable …

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