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  • By Alina Libova Cohen
    Keep a Journal of Special Moments using Twilio Programmable SMS and Google Sheets Keep a Journal of Special Moments using Twilio Programmable SMS and Google Sheets

    "It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the magical little moments you assumed would get tattooed on your brain." I read in Matthew Dick's article on how to remember more of your kid's childhood and couldn't help nodding along.

    My toddler recently turned two and a half and my second daughter was born three weeks ago, so special moments are abundant but the ability to remember them is severely compromised. His suggestion of recording a memory every day in an Excel sheet or leather bound journal resonated with me, but after a few days of trying to find time to open up Excel and write a memory I realized I needed a more lightweight solution. Texting, especially with the voice dictation feature, has always been my favorite medium, and Twilio makes it easy and cheap to set up a dedicated phone number that can record those text messages to …

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  • By Alina Libova Cohen
    Baby Proofing with Raspberry Pi, Machine Learning and Twilio Programmable SMS Baby proofing with Raspberry Pi, Machine Learning and Twillio Programmable SMS

    cat detection demo

    Anyone with a baby and a cat knows maintaining the peace requires constant vigilance. Thankfully, complete vigilance can now be bought for the low price of a Raspberry Pi, a webcam and the time it takes to read the rest of this article. Here’s how I turned my Raspberry Pi into a 24/7 rent-a-cop.

    Bottom line

    Using machine learning and Twilio, your Raspberry Pi can continuously monitor any area of your home using an off-the-shelf USB webcam. This guide will walk you through how to set up your Raspberry Pi with YOLO, a real time object detection library, Darknet, an open-source neural network framework, OpenCV, a library for image processing, NNPack, a package for accelerating neural network computation, and Twilio Programmable SMS for sending notifications.


    This project came out of a personal need. We’re the proud owners of:

    • A Cat-obsessed baby
    • A Baby-obsessed cat

    This …

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