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  • By Amanda Ramos
    Celebrate the Summer Games with SMS bots built on Twilio summer-games-header

    With the 2021 Summer Games, all eyes are on Japan for a month of competition and camaraderie. At a time when we’re feeling so separated, most of us are looking forward to a moment that connects us and rooting for a common goal. The Games look very different this year, and a few developers here at Twilio found a unique way to celebrate by building projects inspired by the athletes and events. These simple bots use Twilio products to help everyone learn more about the athletes, countries and history of the Big Games.

    Which discontinued Big Games event should you play?

    Built by: Kevin Whinnery

    Throughout the history of the Big Games, athletes have medaled in well-known competitions such as skiing, swimming, and gymnastics. But they’ve also achieved worldwide fame as competitors in Skijoring, Pigeon Racing, and Tug of War. While these events are no longer played at the Big …

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