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  • By Andrej Saweljew
    Personalize your Twilio IVR with Segment Segment Twilio IVR

    With Segment, it has never been easier to obtain, aggregate, and act on customer interaction with any product your company provides. You can use this information to improve your product, send tailored marketing messages, or tailor your customer service to your customers' needs.

    As customers, we all hate repetitive questions, being forwarded from one agent to another, having a very time sensitive issue but still having to wait for ages to resolve this, wondering if the company you are calling would still make you wait if they just knew how bad of a problem you have. If you already use Segment, you know that with the vast amount of information you have about your customers, you can probably guess what their problem is.

    Today, I will show you how you can leverage your Segment data with Twilio Studio, Functions, and TaskRouter to properly route your customers to the right …

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  • By Andrej Saweljew
    Extend the Native Twilio Flex-Salesforce Integration Flex Native Integration Banner

    Last year we announced Flex Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) Generally Availability, with support for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning. Flex Salesforce CTI integration enables you to supercharge your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with omnichannel customer communications. Once you’ve successfully installed the CTI integration, you will be able to access Flex via Salesforce’s openCTI utility bar component. This enables you to:

    • Perform automatic search and screen pop to present contextual information to agents
    • Keep the Salesforce screen in sync for agents moving between tasks with context switching
    • Create an automatic record of engagements going through Flex
    • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate directly to Flex when logging in from Salesforce
    • Use dual monitors to let agents take full advantage of both Flex and Salesforce real estate
    • Click a phone number in Salesforce to perform an outbound call

    You can get read more about the native Flex Salesforce Integration …

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