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  • By Andrea Zornada
    Build a Google Nest call notification system using Twilio Build a Google Nest call notification system using Twilio


    Security is an important factor in our life. Many security camera services provide a call notification as part of their subscription tiers. Unfortunately Google doesn’t let the users opt in for this extra service not even at extra cost.

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a call security system to alert you when a person is detected by your Nest security cameras using Twilio


    • A Google Nest Camera. You can buy indoor or outdoor ones directly from the Google store at
    • A free or paid Twilio account. If you are new to Twilio, get your free account now! (If you sign up through this link, Twilio will give you $10 credit when you upgrade)
    • A free or paid Cloud Mailin account.

    The Problem

    Google Nest cameras are designed to monitor your house day and night and send you notifications directly to your smartphone …

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