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  • By Brian Kimokoti
    Building a Video Chat App with Twilio Programmable Video and React lens_aperture

    This tutorial was built on an earlier version of React with an older version of the Twilio Programmable Video SDK.

    For new development, we suggest this tutorial on creating Video Chat with React Hooks.

    There is an increasingly large demand for collaboration tools, especially for remote developers and even people in other career sectors. Having a video chat application that you can customize the “look and feel” of can be very important since you are not restricted to the features of most commercial providers.
    In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a video chat application using React, Node.js, and Twilio Programmable Video.

    Setup React and Node.js

    To develop this application we will need some basic knowledge of React JS,  Node JS and basic knowledge in client-side javascript.
    We will also need a Node JS installation equal or greater than version 7.0.0 and  a browser for testing.

    Twilio …

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