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  • By Brad McAllister
    How to Secure Your SIP Trunks with Twilio Secure SIP Trunk

    The world has changed, thanks to the Internet. We are able to collaborate and build quickly and efficiently. But – this phenomenon has also increased the number of security risks and attempts by hackers to extract valuable information.

    Here at Twilio we use Rest APIs which are secure by default. On top of that, our Elastic SIP Trunks can be secured by simply flipping a switch.

    If you have not turned on the secure feature for Elastic SIP Trunk, this post will give you the reasons you should do it. We’ll show you how to enable Secure Trunking and walk through configuring a Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) with TLS & SRTP.

    Architecture diagram of secure SIP trunks with a Cisco CUBE

    TLS/SRTP is now included 🎉

    We are now offering this security feature free – all you need to do is flip the switch! Learn about the TLS specification for secure SIP trunking in our docs.

    We have already …

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  • By Brad McAllister
    Email to SMS Gateway With Twilio and AWS Lambda Email to SMS Gateway With Twilio and AWS Lambda

    Even though creating an application to handle email to SMS gateway is very straightforward, most people don’t want to maintain a server to host it. In this post, we’ll show you how to create your own email to SMS gateway using a combination of Twilio SendGrid and AWS Lambda.

    How does an email to SMS gateway work?

    An email to SMS gateway is one of the easiest ways to ensure a message, marketing campaign, or other communication reaches a large audience. These enable a computer to send and receive SMS text messages to and from an SMS-compatible device over the global telecommunications network.

    How to create your own SMS gateway

    Creating your own SMS gateway is a relatively simple process, with an easy set of instructions to follow detailed below.

    Twilio SendGrid accepts the inbound email and triggers a HTTP POST to our AWS API Gateway. AWS Lambda processes the …

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