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  • By Brandon Sherman
    Create SMS Business Cards with Twilio and Node.js Exchanging phone numbers

    After I gave a talk at Shakacon this year, I was pleased that people came up to me with additional questions—pleased, that is, until someone asked me for a business card and I realized I didn’t have any with me. Whoops.

    In this quick post, I’ll describe how I solved that problem by creating an app that sends business cards over SMS and I’ll show how you can do it too.

    Why Build an SMS Business Card

    I wanted to create something quickly that would let me share information selectively; not everyone should have my cell phone number. It had to be flexible and extensible. It had to solve the problem with the resources I had on-hand. That meant my laptop, a power adapter, and a Twilio account were my raw materials.

    This app really showcases the power of Twilio and what’s possible with our APIs.  I thought through the …

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  • By Brandon Sherman
    What is the “Goldilocks” number of cloud-computing accounts to limit your blast radius? logo

    When signing up for an IaaS account provider, like Amazon, Google Cloud, or Azure, you’ll be asked to provide or link an email address and password.  After a brief wait, possibly a confirmation email, you are logged in— dropped at an empty console, teeming with possibilities.  Is this where the next billion-dollar unicorn starts?  What will you build today?

    Fast forward a hopefully small amount of time, to the point when your application begins to grow by leaps and bounds.  Instead of just one person at the console, or even one team, many separate people with differing roles and responsibilities have a need to interact with that one cloud computing account, with its one logon to rule them all.  When is it time to open a second account, with a separate all-powerful login?  Why not a third account?

    There are many reasons why you may want to have multiple separate …

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